Useful Geth Commands | Ethereum Cheatsheet

Learn how to get going with ethereum client or geth in a few minutes.

In this simple tutorial on Ethereum blockchain. We'll learn about some of the most useful geth commands. Geth is an ethereum client and our doorway to the ethereum network. If you've not already installed Geth on your local machine then please visit Installing Geth on Ubuntu first.
Starting geth terminal!
Again we're assuming here that you've already setup an ethereum private network for learning purpose , if you've not done that yet, it's recommended that you do that first by visiting here!
Once your private ethereum network is up and running, you can get into the ethereum terminal using the following command.
Useful Geth Commands
  1. eth.accounts this command lists all the accounts.
        eth accounts
  2. eth.coinbase
  3. eth.blockNumber
  4. eth.gasPrice
  5. eth.getBlockNumber
  6. personal.unlockAccount
  7. miner.start
  8. miner.stop