Privacy Policy
At Nodejsera we are highly concerned about user's privacy and so we have drafted this policy which highlights the privacy of our users and for anybody who chooses to use this site.

Nodejsera and its creators always want to ensure they comply with the IT laws set out by the government and we continuously keep on ammending this privacy policy to ensure it is up to date with recent laws and to make sure our users are always protected or warned against any potential threats to their privacy concerns.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are files which are saved locally to a user's computer in order to track user's interaction patterns with the website. This is helpful in different ways like providing a customized experience to the user. But users have complete control over the use of cookies by website and in case they don't wish cookies to be used or saved on their computer, they can take necessary steps within their web browser's security settings to completely block the use of cookies. For the convenience of our users, we have provided a link to disabling cookies on google chrome as it's one of the most commonly used browser.
Disable cookies in Chrome : Disabling Cookies in Google Chrome
Note** : Users are advised to search google on how to disable cookies in their own browser if they wish to do so.

External Links
Although Nodejsera team strives to enhance the quality of web by including only links to safe content. There are situations where we are unable to verify the contents of the links. Therefore Users should understand that any external links they click on is their own responsibility and they do so at their own risk. Neither any individual at nodejsera, nor the community is responsible for what users get on clicking external links.

Use of Analytics
Nodejsera uses Google Analytics in order to understand how users interact with our portal and the other purposes are to track how many clicks happen on a given workshop or tool page etc.
Google's privacy policy is available at: Read google privacy policy here

Social Media Links
Nodejsera is social and we really appreciate our users getting in touch with us through different platforms like Facebook ,Twitter, Whatsapp , Quora, Github or Slack. But We also want our users to understand that these platforms are external to nodejsera and once you click the link to any of these platforms your privacy is then governed by the privacy policy of these platforms and not by nodejsera. Therefore in order to keep our user's experience secure and healthy we always like to advice you to read privacy of these external platforms to be safe while using them.

We strive to ensure that this privacy policy is in compliance with various IT laws but nodejsera takes no responsibility of any errors or incompleteness of this privacy policy. In case you find any bugs or you think that something is left we really request you to send your concern via mail to us using the contact-us section of the website.

Updates to Privacy Policy
Nodejsera's privacy policy can be ammended and updated at any time and without any notification to the users. Therefore it's the responsibility of users to keep visiting this privacy policy occasionally so their experience is safe with us.

We wish you safe and secure digital life.
Team Nodejsera