30 days of Node A tutorial series by Nodejsera

The Beginning

Create a server in node.js and serve string, html, json, pdf, audio, video, etc

File System

File read, write, update, rename and unlink operations synchronously as well as asynchronously using node.js

Regular Expressions

What are regular expressions , how can we create regex using node.js and common regex examples

Console module

Intro to console class and global console instance. create a new console, console.log, console.error , console.time, console.count, console.clear, etc explained

All about errors

errors and their properties, error propagation and interception, node.js styles callbacks, why not try/catch , standard JS errors, assertion errors , etc

Array methods

Introduction to arrays in node.js and array methods such as push, pop, shift, unshift, reverse, sort, splice, etc with code examples

All about NPM

Learn how to install npm, update npm, how package.json is used, functionality of npm install , install, update and remove local and global packages

Publishing a package

Learn about creating a account on npm, Create a package publish ready, Publishing on npm, Updating a already published package

Crypto Module

Learn about hashing and hmac using cryptographic hashing algorithms such as SHA512 , ripemd160 , SHA256 , SHA384 , SHA224 , SHA1 , md5 , whirlpool, etc

Crypto Module - 2

Learn about public and private key encryption and decryption using the crypto module in node.js


Express.js : what it is, prerequisites, installation, simple server in express, hello world in express, routing in express, handling request params using express


CRUD operations in mongoDB using node.js

Signup form

Signup form in node.js using express framework and mongodb.


Introduction to socket.io, features , prerequisites, installation, real-time quotes app , changing css dynamically app.


Streams , Types of streams: readable, writable , duplex and transform stream explained in detail with their examples, events , methods,etc.

ZLIB module

zlib module in node.js which is used to provide compression and decompression functionalities in node.js


CRUD operation in MySQL using node.js


Concept of callbacks , blocking and non-blocking code , callback hell is explained.

Query String

Query string and all its methods in node.js


Timers and all its methods in node.js


Buffer module in node.js ( Coming Soon )

String Decoder

String Coder module and all its methods in node.js


Debugger module in node.js

Child Processes

Child processes in node.js


Clusters in node.js

OS module

Os module in node.js

Assert module

Assert module in node.js


Getting Tweets using node.js

file Upload

Uploading files to dropbox using node.js

Github API

Github API with node.js